Book of Dragons Tuck Box (Ding and Dent)

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Book of Dragons Tuck Box (Ding and Dent)


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These orders are for ding and dent copies of the tuck box edition of the game. The tuck box edition does not come with rulebooks printed, but they are available online. Shipping is $3 for this product in the continental US, or free in the continental US with orders of $50 or more

Book of Dragons is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly versatile tabletop system featuring more than 25 unique games from some of the world’s top designers using a deck of fearsome dragons. Whether you’re in the mood to battle with, collaborate with or backstab your friends, Book of Dragons has something for you.

This edition can be played with games from three rulebooks: one for family games, one for strategy games and one for modified versions of public domain games. Designers for these games include Jonathan Gilmour, Martin Wallace, Gil Hova and Mike Fitzgerald. These gorgeous Tarot-sized cards are perfect for creating your own games too!

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Book of Dragons Tuck Box (Ding and Dent) $4.99