Two warriors enter a room and face each other. They’ve each trained for years for this moment, honing their technique to prepare for a life-or-death duel.  In mere minutes, one will walk away from this and the other will not. They bow and ready their weapons. The battle begins.

Bushido is a two-player head-to-head board game using a combination of cards and dice. The game takes place in three major phases: training, arming and the duel.

During training, players take turns drafting technique cards from five schools (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Shadow), to create a five card hand for the fight. After both players have finished training, combatants will secretly select their weapon of choice.

Next it’s time for the duel itself. On a turn, fighters will attack and defend simultaneously using dice and special tokens. Players can play a technique card from hand and roll the dice associated with it in addition to any from the guard they’re currently in and their weapon. Alternately, players can change their guard to pick up previously played technique cards. Timing is everything and one wrong move could lead to a quick death!

Rules/How to Play


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Praise for Bushido

Bushido’s Schools

Stay centered, stay grounded and make sure your opponent doesn’t. Earth techniques blend offense and defense. Sometimes they provide the necessary shelter against a deadly strike and other times they leave things very unsteady under your rival’s feet.


For times in the fight when you need to go all-out to burn through your opponent’s defenses, you’ll want to turn to a technique from this school. Overwhelming power can definitely finish a duel, even if you get torched for a little damage yourself.


Going up against a wind technique card is like trying to cut the breeze in half. Even extremely powerful strikes against you will have a hard time drawing blood, although all of that nimble ducking and dodging makes a powerful counterattack tougher to pull off.


Sometimes the best defense can turn into a good offense. These technique cards take an opponent’s strength and uses it against them. If a strong attack is coming your way, these techniques let you hit back like a crashing wave.


Your opponents might call these techniques sneaky or underhanded, but they’ll certainly get the job done in a life-or-death duel. They can’t hit what they can’t see and knocking their weapon out of their hand could create a major advantage.