Champions of Midgard Shipping Update!

Quick update from the boss on the Champions of Midgard expansions shipping status:

“We only had three people available today and so were not able to get to all 400 or so US packages left. We currently have 216 packages left to go out and will be getting those done tomorrow. Specifically, these orders are people who ordered the KS edition, the base game and one of every add on. If this is your order, you are finally getting shipped out tomorrow. Russia and Brazil will start shipping on Wednesday and should only take a day to ship out as there are only about 50 packages.”

This includes orders from the website, so if you’re still waiting to hear where your package is, it might be in this batch – we will have the tracking page ready for you the second we get the rest of the orders out.

Thank you all for your patience, we’re moving as fast as we can!