Champions of Midgard Expansions have begun shipping!

An update on the Champions of Midgard Expansions – the shipping process has begun! We announced it as well on the Kickstarter, but for those unable to view it, here’s the low down:

US – we expect these to all be out Friday, 07/21

Australia/NZ shipments should start going out this week, as well as Asia.

Canadian product is on the way to Snakes and Lattes, update forthcoming once they receive the shipment.

EU is still on the water and should be landing at Gamesquest in 2-3 weeks. We hoped for arrival sooner but there was some miscommunication with the manufacturer, ourselves and Gamequest that ended up delaying it by about 2 weeks. We apologize for the delay, but rest assured that they will be handled as soon as possible!

Again, thank you all for your support and we hope you love the games!