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Get Reelz


Product Description

Hollywood is running out of ideas!

Get Reelz

Get Reelz is a movie-themed party game where each round players must scramble to come up with the most entertaining movie title that also fits the demands of the studio.

They accomplish this by flipping, rotating, mixing, and matching the movie title cards in their hands. Each side has a word or phrase that can be added to their movie’s title.

When time runs out, everyone pitches their title to the group and then everyone votes on the best title. Get the most movies made to win!



What you get:



Here is a step-by-step breakdown of a game round in Get Reelz:

  • Get ideas by drawing a fresh hand of 5 cards. This gives you 40 words to manipulate for your next great film idea.
  • The Producer presents the Movie Studio’s demands by flipping over the top Studio Demand card and reading it aloud.
  • Now the Producer yells “Action!” and flips the sand timer to start the Deadline. You must finish your title by the Deadline!
  • Flip and rotate the cards in your hand to find the most entertaining combination that will still satisfy the Studio.
  • When the timer has run out, the Producer yells “Cut!” Take turns presenting your great film idea in hopes the Producer selects you!
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    Grey Fox Games and 8th Summit

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    Game Info

    15-30 Minutes
    Game Design: Robert Burke
    Artists: Jesse Seidule