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Deception Total Promo Pack


Product Description

GameBoyGeek Promo Pack
GameBoyGeek Promo Pack
GenCon 2016 Promos
Convention Promos
Kickstarter Promo Pack
Kickstarter Promo Pack


Kickstarter Promos

1 new role:
Consulting Detective
2 new clue cards:
Password and Website
10 new means cards:
Game Pieces
Shipping Container
Dice Tower
Spoiled Food
Poisonous Mushrooms
Lab Sample
Elevator Shaft

Deception Kickstarter Promo Pack

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Deception GameBoyGeek Promo Pack

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Deception Convention Promo Pack

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Game Info

20 minutes
14 and up
Game Design: Tobey Ho
Artists: Tommy Ng
Ari Wong
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