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Champions of Midgard: Bundle


Product Description

Champions of Midgard: Bundle

Base game shipping coming in, expected delivery late June/early July 2017

Champions of Midgard Base Game

Wooden Upgrade Kit

One Seezam Troll Card:

Attack Value of 4
Defense Value of 3
Worth 9 Glory

Two Odin’s Trial Journey Cards:

Lose any 2 food or axes to gain favor.

One Virtue Rune Card:
This Rune Card is worth 3 Glory at the end of the game and its use allows the owner to either return 1 Blame token to the supply or force an opponent to take 1 Blame token from the supply.

One Despised Destiny Card:
Have the most BLAME at the end of the game.

Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard is a Viking era worker placement game with dice-driven combat. Taking on the roles of competing Viking leaders, players hunt trolls, battle draugr, and slay mythical Norse beasts in a quest for glory!


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Champions of Midgard: Upgrade Kit Food/Wood


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Champions of Midgard: Troll Promo Card


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Champions of Midgard: Destiny Promo Pack


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Champions of Midgard: Journey Promo Pack


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Game Info

60-90 minutes
Game Design: Ole Steiness
Artists: Andre Garcia
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