Captain’s Wager: Maelstrom Expansion

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Captain’s Wager: Maelstrom Expansion


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The Maelstrom has arrived!

Captain's Wager: Maelstrom Expansion

A great storm ravages the skies, grinding airships to kindling and sending pirate crews scrambling. Whole crews are sucked in and spirits drift out, bringing curses and spreading chaos. As the haunting worsens, you risk losing your loot and being doomed to captain a ghost ship for all eternity.

Add the fury of a haunted, mystical storm to your game of Captain’s Wager with The Maelstrom Expansion! New Item and Crew cards help you navigate the churning squall, but new dangers lurk behind every gust in the form of the Haunt Deck. These new cards add an element of danger or chance to every encounter. The new Haunt mechanic will track the fear in your crew – the player with the highest Haunt level at the end of the game loses everything (even if they had the most gold)!

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  • Time: 20 − 40 minutes
  • Players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Game Design: Jonathan Hager
  • Illustration: Andre Garcia